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Give your CD rates a Raise!

The Net Real Return on traditional Bank CDs after taxes and inflation often results in negative returns.  Market-Linked CDs may stay ahead of taxes and inflation while providing the same level of FDIC Insurance coverage as well as a principal guarantee when held to maturity. 

The Market-Linked CDs we offer allow you to participate in the growth of the market with 100% principal protection when held to maturity and are FDIC insured up to the statutory limit.

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Traditional Bank CDs - Tax Adjusted Real Returns

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Market-linked CDs are typically longer-term investments. FDIC insurance is subject to FDIC limits. Principal invested in excess of FDIC limits is not insured and is subject to the credit risk of the issuer. Principal protection only applies if the CDs are held to maturity. If not held to maturity, a market-linked CD is subject to market risk, and trading in the secondary market may be thin or even nonexistent, and the price per CD may be less than par. Total payment at maturity may be less than what would be received if you had invested in the underlying asset(s) directly. Some market-linked CDs may limit participation in the underlying asset(s). Market Linked CD returns may vary from the indices' or assets' actual performance. Additional risks may apply based on the specific issue.

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