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Alternative to Low Paying CD's

| June 05, 2019

Free Report Reveals Amazing Alternative To Low Paying CD’s And Risky Stock Market!  Find Out What Your Banker And Broker Don’t Want You To Know!

Linda has some money at her local bank that she is considering putting into a certificate of deposit (CD).  After waiting in line at the Bank for what seemed like 20 minutes it was finally Linda’s turn to meet with the banker.  Linda asked the banker “what can I get on a CD?” The banker told Linda that she could get 2% on a 1 year CD, and just over 3% on a 5year CD. 

Linda was stunned.  A lousy 3% for 5 years on CD’s!

Linda pondered, “how is it that I’m paying over 12% on my bank credit card balances but can only earn 3% on my savings.”  She felt betrayed.  After all, Linda had been putting her savings in this bank for the last 25 years.  

Linda considers her cash at the bank as “safe money” and she does not want to risk her principal for the potential of higher returns like she could get in the stock market.  Linda already has investments in the stock market though her IRA and individual brokerage accounts and she feels that the stock market seems like a roller coaster ride with her account values going up and down with the volatility of the markets.  Linda left the Bank unsure what she wanted to do.  She thought there’s got to be a way to make more than 3% without putting her principal at risk.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Linda came across an article in her local newspaper that said, “Get your Free Report and learn that there are alternatives to CD’s and mutual funds that most people don’t know about.  Alternatives that are low risk but had the benefit of a potential higher return!”

Linda called the phone number referenced in the article and left her name and email address on the recorded message to get her copy of this Free Report.  Linda felt elated that she didn’t have to speak with a pushy sales person to learn more about this alternative to CD’s.   The very next day Linda checked her inbox and sure enough there was her Free Report. 

Right away Linda noticed the easy to understand comparison between traditional CD’s and alternative CD’s.  The supplemental research including up-to-date resources and videos really impressed Linda.  After reading the Free Report in depth, Linda finally felt reassured and confident what she wanted to do with her “safe money” investment.  The CD alternative met all of Linda’s needs and concerns.  Linda was comfortable putting her “safe money” in a low risk, FDIC principal protected CD Alternative.   

If you are sick of your 2-3% CD’s earning such paltry interest and are rightfully scared of the volatile stock market…the answer to your frustrations is contained in this free report. 


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